EY in the emerging markets

EY has an extensive presence in the emerging markets (EMs). Our highly globally integrated structure supports multiple offices and a network of highly skilled and dedicated professionals serving a wide range of companies.

Our leading position in many of the world’s emerging economies is underpinned by an ongoing investment in them. Wherever we are working in the world, EY takes an in-depth, cross-border approach and is committed to delivering exceptional client service across our four service lines (Advisory, Assurance, Transaction Advisory Services and Tax).

Our unique approach allows us to anticipate trends and to help our clients identify and capitalize on growth opportunities, deal with challenges and also unravel hidden gems in the fascinating world of emerging markets.

Emerging Markets Committee

The EY Emerging Markets Committee is a unique platform among professional services organizations. Its purpose is to use our global approach to expand expertise and talent in the EMs and to empower our local teams who work closely with clients across the developing world.

The committee helps build a better working world by collaborating with leading companies, governments, academic and institutional bodies to support EM economies in their growth trajectories, ameliorate the business environment, optimize opportunities and balance risk. In addition, by investing in talent in the EMs, we will be helping to improve quality of life in these countries.

Our global footprint and the Emerging Markets Committee’s understanding of local needs and imperatives, give us the winning combination that our clients need for their EM agenda and strategy.

The EY Emerging Markets Committee comprises the regional managing partners from nine regions.

Global emerging markets sector leaders

As demographics shift, particularly in emerging markets, and global megatrends are driving business complexity and competitiveness across all sectors, we have further tailored our sector services, with the appointment of EM global sector leaders. These leaders have deep industry knowledge, extensive experience in EMs and growing teams, as well as the commitment to helping our clients identify opportunities and assist them with their expansion plans.

Emerging Markets Center

The Emerging Markets Center (EMC) is an EY Center of Excellence that quickly and effectively connects you to the world’s fastest-growing economies. Our continuous investment in them allows us to share the breadth of our knowledge through a wide range of initiatives, tools and applications, thus offering businesses in both mature and emerging markets an in-depth and cross-border approach, supported by our leading and highly integrated global structure.

The EMC is led by Ram Sarvepalli, Advisory Services Partner and Deputy Leader in India, and supported by an advisory board from nine different global regions. It is comprised of a dedicated team of experienced professionals, based in locations all over the world, which acts as a gateway to EY’s vast resources across both emerging and mature markets.

The EMC is also closely connected with our regional offices in the emerging markets. Along with our unique global structure, the EMC can quickly identify the right contacts to help our clients and their businesses tackle challenges and identify opportunities.

The EMC and its portal also constitute an excellent hub of information and insights for the media. Here you can find up-to-date information, regular reports, analyses and dynamic tools reflecting the prevailing trends in EMs.

EMC flagship programs

The EY Rapid-Growth Markets Forecast

The EY Rapid-Growth Markets Forecast is a macroeconomic forecast, produced in collaboration with Oxford Economics and using their Global Econometric Model. It aims to give practical and accessible economic insights and provides commentary and recommendations for businesses and decision-makers.

For the report, we have selected the top 25 rapid-growth markets (RGMs) based on:

  • Strong growth and future potential
  • Economy and population
  • Strategic importance for business

The main EY Rapid-Growth Markets Forecast, as well as its dedicated country pages, includes outlooks on trade, competitiveness, interest and exchange rates, commodity prices, manufactured goods world prices and investment inflows.

EY’s RGM attractiveness surveys

EY’s attractiveness surveys are widely recognized by our clients, investors, the media and major public stakeholders as a key source of insight on foreign direct investment (FDI). Examining the attractiveness of a particular region or country as an investment destination, the surveys are designed to help businesses to make investment decisions and governments to remove barriers to future growth.

A two-step methodology analyzes both the reality and perception of FDI in the respective country or region. Findings are based on the views of representative panels of international and local opinion leaders and decision-makers.

Institute for Emerging Market Studies reports

The Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS) is a network-based think tank focused on managerial and economic issues. It is based on, and dedicated to, the study of emerging markets. Its mission is to undertake high-impact research that addresses critical issues in emerging market development.