EY’s attractiveness survey: Africa 2013 – Getting down to business

Economic growth across much of Africa has remained robust, with a number of economies still among the fastest growing in the world.

Despite the ongoing growth, the situation for foreign direct investment (FDI) was a mixed one this year. Overall, project numbers were down, reversing the growth trend we saw last year.

This reveals that the perception gap does remain a factor and work must still be done on bridging the gap.

Our report reinforces the point that those already doing business in Africa are overwhelmingly confident about the continent’s progress and prospects. They are:

  • Growing their investments and operations
  • Expanding into ever more diverse activities
  • Supporting the long-term growth and developmental agendas of an increasing number of African economies

In this context, it is time for a shift of emphasis away from trying to persuade the Afro-skeptics toward promoting the successful growth of private enterprise across the continent.

The emphasis should be on what needs to be prioritized in order to further improve conditions for those already doing business across the continent.

With a critical mass of us pulling in the same direction, and with collaborative leadership across government and those already doing business on the continent, Africa will continue its rise and become an investment destination of choice in the decades to come.

pdf- Download: Africa attractiveness survey 2013 as a printable document