Business Pulse: Exploring the dual perspectives on the top 10 risks and opportunities in 2013 and beyond

With rapid-growth economies emerging as a top business opportunity, investors in these markets have high hopes for substantial and sustainable rewards.

It doesn’t matter in which markets you operate or what the prevailing conditions are, businesses always face risks and encounter opportunities.

Our latest research, Business Pulse: exploring the dual perspectives on the top 10 risks and opportunities in 2013 and beyond, shows that operating in emerging markets is one of the top opportunities for businesses around the world.

Business Pulse, based on a survey of 641 companies from 21 countries, aims to help organizations prepare for what lies ahead by understanding the risks and opportunities they face.

It concludes that the three biggest risks for companies are:

  • Pricing pressure
  • Cost cutting and profit pressure
  • Market risks

The three most promising opportunities are:

  • Innovation in products, services and operations
  • Emerging markets
  • Investing in processes, tools and training

Our report plots the top risks and opportunities among businesses in rapid-growth markets against the four key growth drivers identified by our Growing Beyond research:

  • Cost competitiveness
  • Stakeholder confidence
  • Operational agility
  • Customer reach

pdf- Download: the full report for more information on the top 10 risks and opportunities as a printable document