Time to tune in,Latin American companies turn up the volume on global growth: Chile highlights

For the last 23 years, Chile has pursued a steady course of growth along free-market lines

Per capita income has nearly doubled since 1990, and is approaching the highest in Latin America. The poverty rate is now about the same as that of the US.

The World Economic Forum has ranked Chile as the most competitive economy in Latin America and the 33rd most competitive country in the world, based on its:

•    Low levels of public debt
•    Frequent budget surpluses
•    High-functioning public institutions
•    Fairly well-developed transportation structures
•    A floating currency

This high degree of political and macroeconomic stability has given Chilean companies a firm foundation on which to build their futures. Today, their main problem is scale.

The results of our 2013 Latin America Outbound Expansion Survey and our qualitative research show that Chile is more outwardly focused than most Latin American economies.

For the most part, Chilean business is meeting the challenge of expanding into larger markets, and not just within its traditional stronghold as one of the world’s leading copper producers, but in other sectors as well.

In this report, we look at how Chilean companies are evolving from serving their home market to serving a few other countries or an entire region. We have asked them where they want to head next, why and how, and we interviewed executives at some of Chile’s most dynamic businesses about the challenges they see ahead.

This report focuses on the multiple issues Chilean companies face in realizing their cross-border dreams.

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