China going global: The experiences of Chinese enterprises in the Netherlands

The Chinese economy has carved a name for itself as a key manufacturing hub in a range of industries, which has resulted in a significant foreign exchange reserve for the country in recent years.

The Chinese government has embarked on a “go global” strategy to funnel this foreign exchange resource to international investments in Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe and Africa.

The economic slowdown in the US has shifted the focus of Chinese companies toward Europe in recent years. To an increasing extent, Chinese enterprises choose the Netherlands as their gateway to Europe.

According to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), 330 out of all 8,000 foreign companies currently established in the Netherlands are Chinese.

This study report provides detailed insight into factors that motivate Chinese enterprises to invest in the Netherlands. It also identifies the key challenges Chinese enterprises face in the Netherlands and presents recommendations to overcome them.

Besides the traditional advantages of the Netherlands that drive Chinese investment, there are three key drivers mentioned by Chinese senior business leaders that this study reveals:

  • Clients
  • Competition
  • Global image

The report also highlights the cultural business difference between the Dutch and Chinese respondents.

Chinese enterprises identify some challenges that prevent them from fully harnessing the opportunities. This report presents several recommendations to help Chinese enterprises overcome the challenges they face in the Netherlands.

pdf- Download: China going global: investing in the Netherlands as a printable document