KL calling: The rise of Kuala Lumpur as an investment destination

With the tide of interest beginning to shift towards Asia and its emerging markets, Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is calling out to investors.

In this report, we examine the attractiveness of Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur as a preferred investment destination.

In addition to being one of Asia’s most iconic cities, Kuala Lumpur has several advantages:

  • A stable and attractive business environment
  • A burgeoning middle-class population
  • Quality infrastructure
  • Skilled workforce

A key component of our analysis is also the potential investment opportunities in selected sectors. These are areas in which Malaysia has, naturally and historically, shown a competitive edge.

This report aims to serve as an investor’s guide for foreign multinational companies considering Kuala Lumpur as the location for their regional operations. We explore the compelling reasons why hundreds of multinational companies have chosen to locate themselves in Kuala Lumpur. We provide potential investors a look into sectors that are competitive and growing.

We also introduce government agencies that have been created specifically to help companies take advantage of these unique investment opportunities.

pdf- Download: Kuala Lumpur: an investment destination as a printable document