Making the right moves: global banking outlook 2012–13

On the regulatory front, implementation has already begun in some areas and we should see more clarity from regulators during the course of 2012. However, many aspects of that agenda are still evolving, particularly at a national level, and banks find themselves trying to crack a complex code to determine the best path for their future without all the clues at their disposal.

As those clues reveal themselves, the extent of the impact on business and operating models will become much clearer.

Whether viewed through an economic, regulatory or business lens, it is far from a level playing field and for some, the mood is more positive. Institutions able to invest will find select opportunities to strengthen their competitive position and grow. Others will become smaller and less complex, focusing on core strengths and identifying innovative ways to serve their clients.

Technology is likely to be both an enabler and a differentiator across every part of the business.

With this, our first global banking outlook, we’ve focused on 2012 and 2013. This time frame will be crucial as banks not only react to short-term events but also try to move ahead of them to a future with sustainable revenues and costs.

We present a global view, drawing on macroeconomic and industry analysis, as well as a drill-down into some of the major developed and rapid-growth markets.

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