Mega trends shaping the Southeast Asian light vehicle industry: The next decade

The Southeast Asian (SEA) light vehicle industry is set to witness significant transition with rising economic activity, increasing purchasing power of the population and local governments vying to attract automotive investments.

We have identified five mega trends that will impact the revenues, costs and profitability of participants in the Southeast Asian light vehicle industry.

To prepare for the evolution in the SEA auto industry, companies should assess how well they are positioned to respond to the emerging opportunities and challenges.

The five mega trends are:

  1. ASEAN’s economic and trade unity creates a major automotive hub as local governments compete for investments.
  2. OEMs focus on balancing regional manufacturing and supply chain strategy, while catering to demand diversity
  3. Japanese OEMs reinforce regional footprint and supply chain structure while other global manufacturers establish local presence
  4. Global suppliers increase localization and exports as building supply chain resilience becomes a priority
  5. Industry stakeholders develop risk mitigation strategies in response to innovation capacity and supply chain risks

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