EY’s attractiveness survey: Brazil 2012 – Capturing the momentum

Brazil leads the attractiveness scores in Latin America, according to our first Brazil attractiveness survey. Almost seven out of 10 business leaders declare the country as the most attractive place to establish operations.

Our survey emphasizes the strong footprint of Brazil on the global map and its key strengths, while highlighting the need to improve skills and diversify the economy. It also includes a section on Brazil’s next phase of growth and an analysis of the key growth sectors, which we believe will drive FDI momentum in the country.


  • A growing middle class, strong domestic demand and huge untapped reserves of natural resources
  • Supportive government policies, simplification of licensing procedures and regulatory framework, subsidized credit and easy financing options
  • Brazil’s hosting of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics
  • Large domestic market, long-term economic growth trajectory and wealth of natural resources
  • Openness of Brazilian society, which embraces diversity of race and religion


  • Lack of qualified personnel and poor quality of basic education
  • High interest rates and a complicated tax system
  • Currency appreciation that burdens export competitiveness
  • Draining of resources away from other industry sectors

pdf- Download: Report title 2012 attractiveness survey Brazil as a printable document

Download the UK investor’s perspective below

pdf- Download: Brazil attractiveness survey 2012 UK investors perspectives as a printable document